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What is an OligoScan test?


The OligoScan machine is cutting edge portable spectrometer connecting directly to the computer that offers a comprehensive non-invasive test of heavy metals, trace elements and minerals. 

OligoScan uses spectrophotometry the absorbance or optical density of a chemical substance, it can verify the concentration of an element in the skin by measuring the amount of light produced by a light source reflected by the skin.

How does it differ from other tests?


The Oligoscan is a precise analysis of actual mineral and heavy metal levels in the tissues with the results coming back with in 20 seconds. 

OligoScan is a painless measurement of 4 points on the palm on your hand, no need for blood or hair samples.

Hair mineral testing differs as it is mostly showing us of heavy metals and mineral excretion over the last month. Often if a person is having issues with detoxification pathways this result will not show all the metals present. 

Minerals and trace elements


Minerals (micronutrients and macronutrients) play a key role in our bodies for it to function properly. Deficiencies in minerals and trace elementals are a major factor for tiredness, poor performance, decreased concentration, vulnerability to stress or anxiety etc. Therefore it is important having the ability to monitor mineral levels in the body to be able to provide support for disease and health management.

Heavy metals


Heavy Metal toxicity can negatively impact our health. Treatment plans will be based on individual test reports of the levels of toxicity, minerals and case history symptoms this may involve life style changes, nutritional supplements and working on detoxification pathways.